SVN update: ‘skipped’ message

在eclipse中用svn插件同步google code老是服务器连接time out!就只有通过检出项目再更新啦,结果遇到个SVN update: ‘skipped’ message问题,还是stackoverflow强大啊,一找就解决问题啦!

I guess you are getting this type of error.

[user@user myprojectdir]# svn up
Skipped '.'

do svn st from your project dir

[user@user myprojectdir]# svn st
svn: warning: '.' is not a working copy 

it means you are not in your working dir. You might have done a wrong checkout.

Correct way is this.

[user@user ~]# svn co myprojectdir
[user@user ~]# cd myprojectdir
[user@user ~]# svn up

Note: But if you messup with above order, svn up will not work for example.

[user@user ~]# cd myprojectdir
[user@user myprojectdir]# svn co 
[user@user myprojectdir]# svn up

you will get Skipped '.'


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